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REFRESH Cleanser: Not just a cleanser! A treatment for your face. BEST USE: Best results if used morning and night. Cleanse skin with water, rinse, pat dry. Men - shave with REFRESH. Ladies - remove your makeup with Refresh!

FIRM 5 Minute Face-Lift: This mask defies gravity and keeps your skin tight. BEST USE: Apply on entire face and décolletage or simply use under eyes for a quick pick-me-up! Great for special occasion, the perfect pre-makeup, or to rid of that surprise blemish!

HYDRATE Cream Serum: Evens tone of skin and results in a more tight and hydrated glow BEST USE: Apply after washing your face with REFRESH cleanser day and night. Contains Qusomes Delivery System for 12 hours of constant hydration. 

PERFECTION Eye Cream + Concealer: This repairing eye treatment and concealer combined with a patented delivery system smooths fine lines and removes dark circles all in one simple long lasting application. BEST USE: Lightly dab small amount under eyes as part of your regular skincare regimen in addition to a quick touch up! Tone matching technology allows for one formula for every skin tone. Men, don’t be shy, you can use it too!

FOOT RESCUE: With just a few sprays, this antibacterial formula chills, shrinks, hydrates, and deodorizes tired, hot achy feet. EASY USE: Simply Remove Shoes/Socks (no need to remove nylons) Spray entire foot 4-6 times and enjoy up to 4 hours of total comfort.

TSA Approved for Travel; packaged in a clear, sealed bag.

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