350 SPRAYS per bottle

Foot Rescue Bottle Sprayer

+ Cooling Menthol provides relief on contact.

+ Eucalyptus brings healing qualities that relieve pain and inflammation.

+ Aloe moisturizes and brings new life to thick, dry skin.

+ Medicinal Strength Lidocaine numbs, shrinks, and chills.

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Instant relief for tired feet!

Foot Rescue Sprayer

Experience soothing relief with Foot Rescue Credit Card Sprayer. This compact sprayer delivers over 220 sprays of cooling menthol, healing eucalyptus, and moisturizing aloe. Perfect for on-the-go comfort, it instantly refreshes and revitalizes tired, achy feet.

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Soothing Relief for Achy Feet

Instant Comfort for Tired Feet

Experience instant relief with our Foot Rescue Bottle Sprayer. Specially formulated with cooling menthol, healing eucalyptus, and moisturizing aloe, it revitalizes thick, dry skin and numbs discomfort with medicinal strength lidocaine. Perfect for on-the-go comfort.

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